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Water Alchemy Oracle: A 40-Card Deck and Guidebook

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The Water Alchemy Oracle is a 40-card, high-vibration oracle, packed with symbolism, deities, devas, gods and goddesses, water creatures, magical sigils, heartfelt channeled messages, and guided healing processes.

Much more than a form of divination, this deck offers a gentle yet powerful alchemical journey to help bring more fluidity, flexibility, and grace into your daily life. Along with healing and enhancing your own life experience, you are also bringing much-needed healing to our planet via her sacred lifeblood and veins - the waterways, oceans, rivers, streams, and springs.

Through engaging examples, channeled messages, and a rich amount of exercises, Alexandra teaches you to embrace your emotions, and as you dive deeper into the mystery of the sacred waters, you travel deeper into yourself to uncover hidden treasures, heal unresolved aspects of the psyche, and awaken your true genius.

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet, and presenter. Also the author of Archangel of Fire Oracle and Archangel Alchemy Healing, she is the founder of Precious Wisdom and Archangel Alchemy and the creator of The Alexandra Wenman Show on Youtube. She lives in London.