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Black Tourmaline provides a sense of security by absorbing negativity and electro-magnetic energy and corresponds to the root chakra 

Carnelian provides courage and general physical strength and stamina; Used for support in fertility, pregnancy and child birth and is connected to the sacral / navel chakra

Citrine helps to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and positivity and relates to the solar plexus chakra

Rose Quartz brings self love and universal love and creates a peaceful confidence, and corresponds to the heart chakra

Sodalite helps to encourage speaking your truth with confidence and to uncover your happiness and relates to the throat chakra

Amethyst strengthens spirituality, psychic powers and dream recollection and relates to the third eye chakra

Clear Quartz helps to balance and energize the chakras, aura, and amplifies other crystals and relates to the crown chakra


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