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The 13 Energy Centres

The 13 Energy Centres
The 13 Energy Centres

1. Earth Gateway- Connection to Gaia
2. Earth Star- Earth Connection/ Unity

3. MULADHARA: Root Chakra- Physical/ Present
4. SVADISTHANA: Sacral Chakra- Creativity/ Sexuality
5. MANIPURA: Solar Plexus Chakra- Will/ Mentality
6. ANAHATA: Heart Chakra- Love/ Forgiveness
7. VISHUDDA: Throat Chakra- Communication/ Expression
8. AÑJA: Third Eye Chakra- Wisdom/ Vision
9. SAHASRARA: Crown Chakra- Divine/ Oneness

10. Soul Star: Enlightenment/ Transcendence
11. Stellar Gateway: Astral Projection/ Communication
12. Universal Gateway: Multi-Dimensional Being/ Universal Flow
13. Cosmic Gateway: Soul Fragments/ Light Beings

Spirit: Sovereignty/ Divinity
Water: Emotion/ Flow
Air: Intention/ Intelligence
Fire: Passion/ Desire
Earth: Material/ Physical

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  • Joey Wargachuk