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Crystal Layout: Basic Chakra Balancing

Crystal Layout: Basic Chakra Balancing
Basic Chakra Balancing
Used to align all your chakras
When held or placed on the body, the crystals help to promote health and healing; to help you maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind, with less anxiety, reduced stress, deeper fulfilment and with a renewed sense of purpose.

✔️Crown: Clear Quartz- Clear, balance and energize the chakras and the aura and to amplify other crystals
✔️Third Eye: Amethyst- Strengthen spirituality, psychic powers and dream recollection
✔️Throat: Sodalite- Encourage speaking your truth confidently and uncovering your happiness
✔️Heart: Rose Quartz- Brings self love and universal love, and create a peaceful confidence
✔️Solar Plexus: Citrine- Manifest and attract wealth, prosperity and positivity
✔️Sacral: Carnelian- Creativity, physical and emotional strength
✔️Root: Red Jasper- Stimulate chi and vitality

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