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Crystal Showcase - Garnet

Crystal Showcase - Garnet

Garnet is derived from Latin word 'Granatum' which means Pomegranate, referring to the resemblance of Garnet to the Pomegranate seeds. Some varieties of Garnet include Almandine Garnet, Andradite, Melanite, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Uzavorite.

Chakra: Root
Type: Variety of Aluminum Silicate
From: Worldwide
Emotional: Garnet is useful for someone in traumatic situation where it will help them to be courageous and hopeful
Zodiac: Sign of Capricorn & Aquarius
Using the Crystal: Garnet can be used to ground the Chakras. Garnet invites love into your life by stimulating your passions and desires
Note: Wearing Garnet in contact with the skin can amplify its effect - Earlobes, Finger & over the Heart

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