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Crystals for Times of Uncertainty

Crystals for Times of Uncertainty

Oof! Has this year been a workout or what? It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a difficult time for most of us, and to this day, our future as a collective appears uncertain. That being said, one can either find freedom or fear in the unknown – and it’s up to you, dear crystal keepers, to make it so!


As you know, each day is an opportunity for growth. But with our own distinct anxieties, our day to day routines can feel a lot less like a happy ritual and more so like a daily struggle. So how do we weave our way out of apathy and channel our way into serenity?


If you haven’t tried it already, meditation with heightening tools such as crystals can do you wonders! Place one in each palm, close your eyes, breathe deeply, focus on the texture, weight and healing properties of the stones. Or – if you’re no stranger to meditation – perhaps you might want to take up a new practice by becoming certified in something like Tarot or Energy Healing! We offer online courses in both here at Happy Soul.


We believe it’s important during these challenging times to practice mindfulness, engage in activities that bring us joy, respectfully spend time with loved ones, as well as introspective time on our own.


So, whether you’re a practiced crystal keeper, or an absolute newcomer, you can trust that the team at Happy Soul has got you covered with the applicable tools to give you that extra boost in handling your day to day routine. We know it’s tough out there, but you’ve got this! Why fear the uncertain when you can embrace the bountiful opportunities the future has potential to bring?


For an extra kick on how to help keep those uncertainty blues at bay, we recommend the following crystals to keep your root grounded and conscious clear:


Amethyst: is a stone of protection which balances our emotional, physical and mental well-being. It is associated with the Crown and Third Eye chakra, helping us connect with our most psychic, spiritual and intuitive self. The stone transmutes loving energy and serves as a guard against psychic attack. Amethyst ultimately enhances one’s ability to succeed and is especially great for decision making, coping with change and responsibilities, as well as relieving insomnia.


How to Use: Place Amethyst under your pillow for a good night’s sleep. The stone soothes nerves and aids bad dreams.


Snowflake Obsidian: is a purifying stone that aids loneliness and evokes peace of mind. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, centering yourself, unhelpful behavioural patterns, surrendering during meditation or negative thought processes, then this is the stone for you – as it absorbs all forms of negativity. Snowflake Obsidian is connected to the Root chakra and permits one to find peace in isolation.


How to Use: Keep Snowflake Obsidian in your pocket to remain grounded and to transform negative energy into positive energy.


Chrysocolla: is a revitalizing stone of creativity, divine feminine energy and empowerment. Although powerful, it is gentle and assists in strengthening one’s relationships with others. Chrysocolla is connected to the Heart chakra and relieves tension, guilt and stress. It ultimately encourages the carrier to find compassion towards others and most importantly, oneself. The stone also assists in recovering spontaneity and balancing the earth’s natural energy.


How to Use: Wear Chrysocolla close to your heart to stimulate the Heart Chakra and to promote a flow of compassion and creativity.


As a whole, these three crystals combine to provide the holder with clarity, emotional ease and prosperity. They allow for one to accomplish their endeavors at their greatest emotional, intuitive and energetic capacity. Altogether, these stones work as the perfect amalgamation for aiding routine and for finding resolution in times of uncertainty.


When the world feels as though it is (quite literally) on fire, it is of the utmost importance that we sustain our hope and empathy. Now is the time for maintaining and heightening our vibrations, to find peace in stillness so that we may remain grounded and prepared to step forwards into our future.


Be it for yourself or for a friend, carrying Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian and Chrysocolla in your pocket is sure to protect, revive and aid you on your journey. Remember, a fountain within you is just waiting to unleash an abundance of creativity, light and joy!


For more Happy Soul recommendations on how to use, cleanse and clean crystals click here. These practices assist in elevating the stones healing properties to their highest capacity.

 Blog by: Natasha Kitts

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