Feel Alive and Energized with Sunstone

Feel Alive and Energized with Sunstone

Sunstone will make you feel like a growing plant, with your roots deep in the ground, while you bask in the sun.


Amongst Sunstone’s energizing properties, it is also a crystal that attracts unexpected luck and prosperity. It’s a stone to carry around during competitions, and also acts as a protective stone against those who drain your energy and finances.


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Type:  Feldspar 


Structure: Triclinic crystal structure


Use in Crystal Grids: Can be used as a supporting intention stones


Colour: Golden orange, red, red-brown, brown-orange and green with a sparkly iridescent sheen


Chakra: Root & solar plexus


Zodiac: Leo


Crystal pairing:  Moonstone


Essential oil pairing: Frankincense, Benzoin, Copal  


Animal Totems: Reptiles (Turtle/Tortoise, Chameleon), Lion


Availability: Clean red examples are very rare. Others are more common


Where is it Found: Southern Norway, Sweden, various US localities and on some beaches along the mid coast of South Australia


How to Use: You can wear a Sunstone crystal in the form of jewelry – this will keep the energy and intention close to your body. You can also carry Sunstone in your pocket to increase energy and vitality


Using the Crystal


Practical: Wear to feel alive and enthusiastic; also good when starting a new exercise regime to give you perseverance


Emotional: Excellent for easing phobias about the dark, enclosed places; also good for any phobia sufferers to become less fearful of the presence of their trigger


Physical Benefits: May aid lower-body ailments including reproductive organs and digestion, Seasonal Affective Disorder; body odour


Magical: Carry with moonstone to integrate god and goddess powers, animus and anima, assertive and outward success and inner harmony within your own life


Divination: Enjoy the present without worrying if the good times will last


Workplace: Increases your profile to get ahead; brings opportunities for leadership and promotion; keep by your computer if advertising your own business or services online


Home: Sunstone will bring energy and “sunshine” into your home


Empowerment/Affirmation: I am whole and happy 


Question to ask oneself:  What is one thing that makes me truly feel alive?



Comparison chart





Can be used as a grounding stone



Increasing passion and/or energy

✔️ ✔️

Helpful for digestion

✔️ ✔️

Encourages calm, gentle responses



Can be used as a protection stone






 You will need your favorite Sunstone Crystal to hold during this crystal meditation.

Find a quiet place for yourself for the next few moments and take a comfortable seat.


Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths – in through your nose while you expand your belly and out through your mouth. On your last exhale gently close your eyes.


As you continue to breathe at your own pace, notice if you are holding any tension in your body. Do a quick scan from the top of your head, behind your eyes, down through your throat, to your chest, your navel, down to your sit bones, and down through your feet. If find yourself carrying any tension, take a deep breath in and as you exhale let your body soften.


Now imagine that you’re sitting in the middle of an empty room and you see a simple wooden box. The box is open. Now take any thoughts, worries, to-do lists that might be consuming your mind right now and gently send them into the box. As you do this, notice if you are feeling lighter. You may even feel as though a little more space has been created in your mind.


As you finish sending your items into the box, you notice a door. As you approach the door and open it, a beautiful wave of warm golden orange rays fills your body. You look around and see a lush forest, hear birds singing and feel fresh air running through your nose. As you walk through this majestic forest, the sun – a ball of warm golden light peeks through the trees, illuminating every inch of your body.


As you continue to feel the fresh air and warmth through your body, you notice a golden chair before you and take a seat. As you do, you notice a big ball of golden light between two large trees. The golden light moves to the center of your stomach – illuminating every inch of it. You take deep breaths and with each breath you notice glittery golden specks of energy enter this ball of light in your center, filling you with joy and energy each time you inhale.


As you take your last breath here, you feel alive. You feel fresh energy running through every cell of your body. Sit in this refreshed feeling for a few moments.


As you sit in gratitude for this life force energy, you feel ready to get up feeling refreshed. You start to walk through the forest and see the same door you entered from and move towards it. You open the door and enter the blank room and find the same golden chair in the middle of the room. You take a seat on the chair.


You start to wiggle your toes, gently move your fingers and bring awareness to your eyelids. Once you’re ready you blink your eyes and return to your space, ready to enjoy the rest of your day, and knowing with a few deep breaths you can return to this place of feeling alive, bright and energized.