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How To Organize Your Crystals At Home

How To Organize Your Crystals At Home

While we’re all stuck at home being upstanding citizens and practicing social distancing, it’s a great time to seriously think about organizing those crystals! Assuming you even have the energy to drag yourself off the couch right now...and if not, no judgement there, we promise! 

If you do find yourself with some wind in your sails and wanting to clean something, your crystals are a great place to start. They’ve been working hard, cleansing your space and your energy and helping to keep the vibes high in your home throughout these challenging times, so they deserve a little TLC. Storing them properly keeps them from sun and water damage, and free from dust and breakage that will shorten their lifespan. Here are some great ways to organize them! 

By Chakra 

It’s safe to say we’re all having some root chakra issues right now, and since it’s our centre of safety and security, we bet your first chakra stones are working extra hard for you! Keep your grounding crystals--obsidian, black tourmaline, red jasper, garnet, etc.--together, and then organize the rest of your crystals by chakra as well. Clear out a drawer or a spot on your altar space and keep them in a compartmentalized box, for easy access when you feel like you need to open up a blocked chakra or balance an overactive one. If you’re unsure about which crystals help which chakra, check out this guide for more information! 

By Element

Many crystals resonate with the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) so grouping them according to their element is a good way to ensure that they stay energized. This system also ensures that your crystals will “get along” with each other while they’re in storage. Keeping a water stone like aquamarine next to a fiery ruby could deplete both their energies over time! 

By Colour

Colours, like crystals, vibrate at certain frequencies. Organizing and storing your crystals according to colour not only makes them look pretty, it amplifies and harmonizes their natural resonance. If you can, try locating a divided container and store red crystals in one compartment, orange in another, yellow in another, etc. It’s a quick and easy way to separate your crystals by colour AND by chakra, and ensure that their energies are helping and not hindering each other!

By Type 

Are you a bit of a quartz junkie? Got a thing for jaspers? Storing your crystals according to mineral type offers a bit of protection from physical damage (quartz is harder than mica and could scratch or chip it if stored together!) and makes it easier to identify which ones you need at certain times. That way, when you reach for your calcites to do some serious chakra plumbing, they’re all together in one spot. A lot of crystals are sensitive to light and moisture, so storing them by type will ensurehat your amethysts don’t fade and your selenite doesn’t dissolve!

General Tips for Storing Your Crystals

Now that we’ve gone through a few systems that you can use to keep your crystals organized, energized and happy, here are some general tips for storage: 

  • Wherever possible, store them in containers made from natural materials like wood, stone, clay, fabric, paper or even glass. Steer clear of hard plastics...it could damage your crystals and deplete their energy.


  • Keep them out of sunlight. It’s tempting to keep your crystal collection on display, but some stones--like amethyst and celestite--can actually fade when exposed to sunlight over time. 


  • Store them in a dry spot, away from more humid areas like a bathroom or a windowsill. Water and moisture can damage some crystals, causing them to rust and oxidize over time. Not to mention, many crystals (like malachite, for example) contain metals that could be harmful when exposed to water. Keep yourself and your crystals safe! 


  • Always ALWAYS cleanse and charge your crystals when taking them out of storage to use or give away! Many crystals lose their “charge” over time, so it’s important to cleanse and re-program them if you’re planning on using them again after a period of rest. Be kind to your crystals and they’ll repay you in kind! 

Do you have any tips or storage ideas that have worked for you? We’d love to hear them! Tell us in the comments and share with the community. 


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