I’m New to Crystals Where Do I Start

I’m New to Crystals Where Do I Start

When you’re beginning to work with the energy of crystals, it may feel quite stressful. You may be asking yourself questions like how do I know which crystals are right for me? How do I know that my crystals are energized? What am I supposed to do with the crystals? We are here to help you navigate through this journey with a beginner’s guide!


 Determining What You’re Using the Crystals For

“Although crystals are often associated with healing, they are useful in every aspect of daily life” (The Complete Crystal Handbook). You can use crystals for any aspect of your life whether that’s at work, meditating, or needing a boost of confidence to go on a date! Your first step is to determine what you feel you want and need as each crystal will provide different energies! For example, if you’re feeling stressed at work, a great crystal to carry around or have on your desk is Raw Fuchsite ($45.00) as it creates strong positive energy in traumatic or stressful situations! If you are unsure what you’ll be using the crystals for, it is always best to trust your guides and your intuition and trust yourself to be drawn to the crystals the universe thinks you need.


Crystal Colours

With over hundreds of crystals, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what the meaning is behind each crystal. Color is a great way to begin with your search for crystals as the meanings behind the colours will stay generally the same. Here is a list of what each color generally means when it comes to energy of crystals:

Red: Passion, Positivity, Survival (Ex. Red Cluster Quartz)

Orange: Energy, Creativity, Fertility (Ex. Raw Orange Calcite)

Yellow: Happiness, Prosperity, Wisdom (Ex. Raw Yellow Mica Clusters)

Green: Art, Growth, Emotions (Ex. Green Aventurine Heart)

Blue: Communication, Truth, Youth (Ex. Blue Kyanite)

Indigo: Intuition, Spirit, Meditation (Ex. Lapis)

Violet: Spirituality, Mystery, Royalty (Ex. Amethyst Cluster)



Cleansing Your Crystals

Now that you’ve purchased your very own crystals, it is important to cleanse your crystals BEFORE and AFTER using them. Cleansing and charging your crystals are super important to ensure that you are receiving the highest vibrations the crystals have to offer. There are many ways you can cleanse and charge your crystals. Here are a few simple ways to get you started:

  1. Place in the presence of candle light (Ex. Candle in Tin)
  2. Place around Tibetan Singing Bowl or Bells while using them
  3. Cleanse and clear with Sage/Palo Santo


How to Use Them

Now for the fun part! How to use your crystals! The options are truly limitless and you can decide what works best for you. Here are a few ways you can use your crystals:

  1. Meditation
    1. When meditating or doing yoga, incorporate crystals like Lepidolite in your practice by either holding them in the palm of your hand or placing them somewhere comfortable on your body to increase the calming inner peace energy. Having them placed on your yoga mat as well is a great way for the energy to be surrounding you and your space.
  2. Have them in your space
    1. Crystal energy carries such high positive vibrations that it can enhance the mood and ambiance of any room. Having crystals like Black Tourmaline just sitting on your desk or placed in your living room and bedroom will absorb all the negativity and provide a sense of security.
  3. Take a Bath
    1. Baths are soothing, but have you ever had a bath with energy crystals? Lifechanging. You can place crystals like Blue Lace Agate on the edge of the bath along with a few candles to feel the ultimate relaxation (ensure your crystals are waterproof first)!
  4. Calming Crystals in Your Pillowcase
    1. Crystals like Howlite are great for a good night’s sleep as they alleviate stress and calms your nerves. Placing the crystal in the corner of your pillow case will make for such a peaceful slumber you’ll be so excited to get into bed the next day! Remember to cleanse your crystal before going to bed!
  5. Holding them and Breathe
    1. My personal favorite, especially when I need to feel grounded, is holding the crystals in my palm, closing my eyes, and focusing on my breathing and intentions. This is a great way to feel supported when you need to take a moment. Crystals like the Jade Nephrite Palm Stone will help you breathe through the negative energy and help you turn it into lightness and positive energy!



Personal Education!

There is so much to learn about crystal energy and how it can help guide you through your journey. Books like The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall have been my go-to when it comes to all thing’s crystals. Happy Soul has a great selection of books that will help you learn more about what works best for you!


Classes and workshops are a great way to gain more knowledge about crystals as well! The Happy Soul Academy offers various courses that will assist you in your growth on your spiritual journey! Courses like the Crystal Foundation Certification is a great way to gather more information about chakra’s, crystal sets, crystal grids, gem waters! If you’re looking for more assistance on choosing crystals as well, enroll for FREE for the 12 Crystals for Beginners! Crystals 101! course that is available!