Petrified Wood Ancient Wisdom

Petrified Wood Ancient Wisdom

The word Petrified is derived from the Latin word “petro” which
means “rock” or “stone”. It references the wood transforming to rock.

Also known as fossilized wood or agatized wood, Petrified Wood is wood
that comes from fossilized trees in which the wood is replaced by millions
of years by a mineral, usually quartz or agate that will assume the shape of
the original tree. Petrified Wood carries an imprint of the recent history of
the earth.

Depending on where the Petrified Wood has been sourced, age can range
from 20 million years to 300 million years. Specimens from Arizona are
approximately 280 million years old.

An innovative use of Petrified Wood, Agate House is located in Arizona’s
Petrified Forest National Park to exhibit a partially reconstructed Puebloan
building (believed to be used for ceremonial purposes estimated between
900 and 1200 AD) built almost entirely of Petrified Wood.

A stone of transformation, Petrified Wood helps to let go of what no longer
works in our lives while still preserving what is still of value.

This stone can assist you in exploring past lives and connecting to the
Akashic records of your soul and the planet.

If you live in a city, Petrified Wood helps you feel a deep connection with
nature and is used for all earth-healing work.

Petrified Wood is available raw, tumbled, as a stump and slab in-store and


Type: Wood that comes from fossilized trees

Structure: Silicate material, usually quartz replaces the wood keeping the
wood structure

Use In Crystal Grids: Petrified Wood is used in an ancestral healing grid
with Selenite, Cradle Of Life, Flint, Eye Of The Storm and Ancestralite. On
the family tree, Petrified Wood is placed at the trunk of the grid. Placing
ancestral healing crystals on the family tree or a symbolic version sends
healing down the family line and forward into future generations

Colour: Usually brown or grey-brown, grey, black, red, pink/orange, fawn
may be banded and include white (colour varies according to the

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Zodiac: Virgo

Crystal Pairing: Harmonizes with all members of the Quartz family,
especially Agate, Jasper and Chalcedony

Essential Oil Pairing: Basil, Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniper, Vetiver

Animal Totems: Woodpecker

Availability: Common

Where it is found: Brazil, Ecuador, USA, Canada

How to use: Petrified Wood teaches you that much of what you need to
realize, understand, remember or know is buried deep within your body,
mind and soul

Using the Crystal

Practical: During meditation or healing work, Petrified Wood provides
protection from negative energies and afterwards grounds your energies

Emotional: Encourages inner peace, patience, relieving stress and heals
ancestral issues

Physical Benefits: Beneficial to skin and hair as an elixir, restores physical
energy, strengthens bones, promotes oxygenation of cells, joints and
muscles, helps one feel ageless

Magical: Brings positive contact with beloved deceased relations through
dreams and unmistakable signs of their presence, connects you with
family ancestors who act as your spirit guardians

Divination: Time to let go of a friendship or activity that no longer brings
pleasure and is starting to make you feel trapped

Workplace: A stone of business success. Petrified Wood gives you
courage to begin in a new direction when a career change is needed, gives
incentive for a new career or study after retirement

Home: Place it next to your bed or in your pillowcase for healing energies
and dreams of past life visions

Empowerment/Affirmation: I welcome the wisdom that comes with age
Question to ask oneself: I embrace all that is to come

Comparison Chart

Traits  Petrified Wood Ammonite
Helps to connect to past lives, access
Akashic records and ancestral healing



Protective against negative energies



Corresponds to the root chakra




Strengthens bones, promotes oxygenation of cells, restores
physical energy


Provides support during the ageing
process and helps one feel ageless



Petrified Wood Meditation

Before you begin the meditation, cleanse your crystal. Find a comfortable
position whether sitting or lying down. Petrified Wood is a stone you can
meditate with outdoors. If you’re sitting, uncross your legs and hold your
Petrified Wood in your hands. If you’re lying down, you can place your
Petrified Wood over your Sacral Chakra found just below your navel.

Gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Again, inhale, exhale through your mouth.

One more time, take a deep long cleansing breath in through your nose
and exhale through your mouth.

Allow your breath to adjust to your natural rhythm.

Visualize your favourite tree. Everyone has a favourite tree whether it’s
local facing your home, a park nearby, a photograph, from your travels or

As you sit close to your favourite tree, the tree offers you a feeling of
safety and security.

Bring your awareness to the earth, the anchor beneath your feet.
If any distractions, thoughts or emotions come to the surface, release them
to the earth.

As you connect with the ground beneath your feet, the energetic forces of
the earth ground the central core of your being.

With Petrified Wood in the palms of your hands, its healing energy restores
the energy centers of your body travelling from the root to the crown.

Petrified Wood reminds you that all the knowledge and wisdom you need
is available within to continue on your path in this physical realm.

Take as long as you need as you connect with the earth’s offering of
Petrified Wood.

When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to your physical body and
back to the present. Gently open your eyes. Lay down your Petrified Wood.
Wiggle your arms and toes. Carry your Petrified Wood whenever you
venture outdoors in nature to amplify your connection to the earth.
Petrified Wood teaches the value of going with the flow, opening one to
transformation by simply allowing.