Crystal Showcase: Fairy Stone

Fairy Stones are made of rock finely ground by glaciers that is blown away by winds, and then formed into soil-like deposits. Water moving through the deposits dissolves the minerals, and the ground rock hardens to form unique and individual...

 Joey Wargachuk

Crystal Showcase: Petrified Wood

Petrified WoodAlso know as ‘Fossilized’ or ‘Agatized’ WoodThis crystal is created when a tree comes in contact with water and different elements such as manganese, iron or copper are then absorbed Chakra: Root and SacralType: Wood that comes from fossilized...

 Joey Wargachuk

Petrified Wood Ancient Wisdom

The word Petrified is derived from the Latin word “petro” whichmeans “rock” or “stone”. It references the wood transforming to rock. Also known as fossilized wood or agatized wood, Petrified Wood is woodthat comes from fossilized trees in which the...

 Joey Wargachuk

Black Tourmaline Crystal Showcase

Black Tourmaline Also known as SchorlA stone associated with the Roman god Saturn. Black Tourmaline acts as a cleaner of negativity for yourself and your surroundings.Chakra: RootType: Silicate (semi-precious)From: Brazil, Africa, PakistanEmotional: Soothes anxiety, stress and releases chronic worry. Has...

 Joey Wargachuk

Root Chakra Crystals

Awareness of self, survival. Connection to physics realms of your body ✔️Mookaite- Versatility ✔️Ruby- Passion✔️Red Calcite- Invigorate✔️Hematite- Attract ✔️Red Tiger’s Eye- Confidence✔️Smokey Quartz- Protection✔️Red Jasper- Grounding ✔️Garnet- Manifest ✔️Red Quartz- Balance

 Joey Wargachuk

Shungite for Protection and Detox

What is shungite?  Shungite is a stone of purification. It neutralizes negative energies in your space and around your body, bringing you back into a state of spiritual and emotional balance. Shungite is made mostly of carbon (the same stuff...