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Happy Soul Crystal Cards: Guidance Oracle Deck

These cards were inspired by the wish of a crystal oracle deck that has all the crystals in the deck available to purchase online at Happy Soul and in our brick and mortar store in central Toronto.

This deck includes 52 cards, each depicting a crystal, the chakra it relates to, a description of its metaphysical properties, and a related self-reflection question.

The cards are 3.5 x 5" and comes in a box. There is not a separate book as all of the information is directly on the cards.

Ways to Use Cards

  • You can work directly with the images and text by choosing a card and then reflecting on its meaning in your life and absorbing the energy of the crystal image.
  • You can meditate with the image and meaning in your mind or journal your feelings about it.
  • If you know how to read cards, you can ask a question and then do a layout with the cards for guidance. You can also use these cards to do a reading for someone else.
  • You can choose a card to determine which crystal would be beneficial to you now. Choose a card (or multiple cards) randomly, with intent or a question in your mind, then take the crystal (or crystals) from your collection or purchase. 
  • With the physical crystal you have chosen, you can meditate with it, carry it with you for a period of time, place it near you where you spend time (like on your work desk or night table).
  • Separate the black and white/clear cards from the deck and ask yes/no questions, with white/clear meaning "yes," and black meaning "no."  You can add a third card to represent neither yes or no, or add other cards with your designated meaning.


"I love them. Crystal perfection."
- Heather Askinosie, author of Crystal Muse & co-founder of Energy Muse

"When I first held this deck I could feel that it had a very positive vibe; these cards have been created with great thought, care, and love for the crystal kingdom, and they’re proof of the expression that ‘less is more’. While the interpretation of many other decks can get lost in esoteric language and be difficult to interpret, these are straightforward and very powerful in what they deliver. They begin by teaching you the properties of a wide variety of crystals, their chakra associations, and how their energies can be applied in a practical and effective way in your daily life. Then they go deeper, by delivering coaching prompts and questions which provide guidance, direction, and help to empower you in your own choices, life path, and healing process. That’s tremendous value in just one card! The real magic of crystal healing is not what crystals can do for you, but what you can do with their energy and messages to help yourself. Both Diane Kewley and Joey Wargachuk clearly understand and appreciate this truth. When you tap into crystal energy and the information they provide, you become your own healer, guru, sage. Such is the blessing of working with crystals, and such is the gift of working with these cards. It’s a wonderful deck, and a fantastic addition to the canon of spiritual tools for modern mystics who want to deepen this physical experience. I highly recommend them both for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!"

- Krista N. Mitchell, author of Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck

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