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Moonology Guidance Set

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The Moon is guiding you – are you following its wisdom?

Each set includes:

Moonology Oracle Deck

This 44-card deck and guide book connects to the energy of the moon to understand its effects on your everyday life. Use these cards to tap into the moons ancient wisdom for healing, guidance, and protection.

Moonology Messages Oracle Deck

The Moonology Messages Oracle is a powerful divination tool that will connect you to your own innate wisdom and intuition. The ever-changing Moon speaks to those of us who are listening – leaving clues, hints and messages, which come through as feelings. These cards tap into those feelings, to offer clear guidance about you situation; where you are and the best way forwards.

Moonology Manifestation Oracle Deck

Supercharge your manifesting powers and find out how to consciously create positive change in your life with this magical 48-card oracle from bestselling Moonology Yasmin Boland. Featuring beautiful cosmic collage imagery, each card explains what you're bringing into your life, and how and when to supercharge your manifesting powers to achieve what you most desire. 

These 3 Oracle Decks are valued at $92 and now you have the chance to get all 3 for less!

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