Feng Shui Your Home Using Crystals

Feng Shui Your Home Using Crystals

Vogue wrote an article about Healing Crystals at Home. However! They failed to explain how to use crystals in your home. Happy Soul is here to give you some tips!

First, you will want to clear/clean the present energy of your home, to make way for new positive energy. There are a number of ways to do that, whichever way speaks to you the best. There is not a right or wrong way to clear your home as long as you have positive intentions in mind.


Clearing / Cleansing


Smudging has been a way to clear energy since ancient times. Use natural materials like White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense, or even incense.
How to smudge: Before you begin, open a window or a door, because you will be using a light smoke to clear out the energy in your home.
Set a positive intention, and repeat it in your mind while you work with the smoke. Ignite the smudging material of your choice by simply holding it over a candle or match. Blow out the flame and you will see thick, white, beautifully smelling smoke. Now you are smudging! You can also combine more than one element. For example: you can start with White Sage and after, use Frankincense (it smells heavenly). Begin from the back of your home and smudge toward the front, in clockwise circles. Make sure to cover every corner, since energy has the tendency to become dense in those areas. Cover each room and every closet.


Pour salt into the corners of each room of your home. Leave it for two
days and remove. The salt will absorb the negative energy. You can also add Saffron if you choose. According to Tibetan beliefs, evil energies don't like the smell of saffron, therefore will not enter your space.

Sound Vibrations

Sound is very powerful! We recommend going room to room, always from the back to the front, utilizing a Singing Bowl, Tingsha Chimes or a Bell. The
sound vibrations clear the energy.

Daily Maintenance

Himalayan Salt Lamps are an excellent source of negative ions, which helps to keep the energy of the places, light and clear. They also provide a beautiful and natural glow to any space, and will fit with nearly any decor.


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Crystals For Your Home

Once you clear/cleanse your home, crystals can be used in a variety of ways, using crystal grids and ancient feng shui techniques. Using crystals at home are a very powerful way to change the energy, and set a positive intention with each and every room.

Tourmaline: purifies, transmutes energy, protects and transmuts EMF radiation, restructure energy, grounding, and reduces geopathic stress

Smokey Quartz: grounding, good amplifier and programmable, purifies slowly and steadily

Onyx: protective, shields against draining of personal EMF, and is a good support during stressful times

Amethyst: provides spiritual protection and purification, creates a bubble of light, also increases dream recollection

Obsidian: cleanses negativity (anger, jealousy, resentment, grudges), and works very quickly

Crystal Grids in Your Home


In this example, we are going to use Tourmaline for protection and to dispel negative energy. Use 4 or more large pieces of Tourmaline, and place a piece in each main corner of a room. You can also do this on a larger scale, by placing crystals on the edges of your property. By doing this, you are building a protective shield to prevent negative energy from entering your home. This will also absorb electromagnetic energy that comes from technology.

Positive Energy

Use 4 or more large Clear Quartz points by placing one crystal point in each corner pointing inwards. This will clear the energy of the room quite rapidly.

Feng Shui With Crystals


This is the most important room in your home, where you rest, relax and revitalize your own personal energy. The best stone for your bedroom is Rose Quartz, which is calming and brings loving energy, and brings peace to the atmosphere. Place two Rose Quartz at each side of your bed to create balance in your relationships. You might like to add two Tourmaline at each side of the feet side of the bed, to protect you and keep you grounded while you are resting.

Amethyst is another crystal that you can consider having in your bedroom. It transmutes negative energy and is connected with your spirituality. It has a high vibration, and is excellent to rid of nightmares. Place one under each pillow.

Childrens' Room

Place a large Celestite Cluster close to the bed, which will bring the love and protection of the angels, creating a peaceful place.

Crystals for the Kitchen

This is the area of your home where you want to bring a positive, happy energy. Citrine and Pyrite are the stones for this area, as they carry the energy of the sun, full of optimism, happiness and joy. They are also the stones of prosperity and abundance, both of them are very protective. Place them at the left corner of your kitchen, and remember that clusters are ideal to point energy in different directions.

Crystals for the Bathroom

Place water element energy in this room by using Aquamarine, Amazonite, Larimar or Avalons o Seashels. They bringing harmony, good vibrations and flow to your life.

Crystals for Your Office Space

This is your creative space, and also relates to reputation and fame. The crystals to use are: Carnelian, Tiger's Eye and Orange Calcite. You should place your stones at the middle rear of the room. Carnelian opens your creativity channels and awakens hidden talents, boosts confidence and self-esteem. Tiger's Eye brings new opportunities, good luck and protection. Orange Calcite unblocks your creativity, especially when you feel uninspired.

Crystals for the Family Room

This is an area where the family unites. You want a clear and calm energy. The crystals for this area are Amethyst, Labradorite and Tourmaline. You should place them at the mid-right area of the room. Tourmaline is a very protective and absorbs and repels negative energy. Amethyst transmutes and clears negative energy, leaving a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Labradorite is the stone of the transformation, bringing light to the dark.

This is just a starting point for bringing crystals into your home. The more you do it, take into account what is working and maybe what is not, and make alterations to different areas. The creative possibilities are endless with crystals, so have fun with it!

Feel free to get in touch with Happy Soul about your experience with feng shui using crystals.


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