5 Crystals for Setting Intentions in 2022

There’s no better time than now to start thinking about your New Years Resolutions! Setting intentions for 2022 will set you up for success, growth and prosperity, what more could you want! Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what...

 Jenn Bheemsingh

I’m New to Crystals Where Do I Start

When you’re beginning to work with the energy of crystals, it may feel quite stressful. You may be asking yourself questions like how do I know which crystals are right for me? How do I know that my crystals are...

 Jenn Bheemsingh

Crystal Astrology: Taurus ♉️

✔️Serpentine- Develop inner peace✔️Selenite- Cleanse and connect to the the divine✔️Blue Calcite- Order and clarity of mind✔️Carnelian- Creative flow, courage and stamina

 Joey Wargachuk

Selenite Goddess of the Moon

It is no wonder why Selenite is Named after the Goddess of the Moon – Selene. This Crystal is one of the most powerful and Mystical of the Crystal Kingdom. Connecting to the vibrations of moon light. Selenite is one...

 Joey Wargachuk

Shungite for Protection and Detox

What is shungite?  Shungite is a stone of purification. It neutralizes negative energies in your space and around your body, bringing you back into a state of spiritual and emotional balance. Shungite is made mostly of carbon (the same stuff...