Crystal Astrology: Cancer

Welcome to Cancer Season ♋️ Crystal Astrology: CancerJune 21- July 22✔️Rose Quartz- Universal love and self care ✔️Jet- Gently grounding, protecting and stress reducing ✔️Moonstone- Connects to Moon energy and increases intuition✔️Botswana Agate- Heals emotional wounds so you can move...

 Joey Wargachuk

5 Crystals for Setting Intentions in 2022

There’s no better time than now to start thinking about your New Years Resolutions! Setting intentions for 2022 will set you up for success, growth and prosperity, what more could you want! Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what...

 Jenn Bheemsingh

Crystals for Empaths

✔️Obsidian- A protective by dissolving anger, criticism and fear and relates to the root chakra✔️Bumblebee Jasper- Helps you to adjust to changes in your life and make changes, as it gives you confidence and ability to see the positive. ✔️Rhodonite- Grounds your...

 Joey Wargachuk

Crystals for Grounding

Crystals for Grounding by Astrological Sign✔️Aries- Garnet✔️Taurus- Mookaite✔️Gemini- Snowflake Obsidian ✔️Cancer- Ruby✔️Leo- Red Tiger’s Eye✔️Virgo- Smoky Quartz✔️Libra- Red Jasper✔️Scorpio- Obsidian✔️Sagittarius- Red Calcite ✔️Capricorn- Aragonite✔️Aquarius- Magnetite Lodestone✔️Pisces- Jet

 Joey Wargachuk

Happy Soul Sleep Set

Set the intention for a restful sleep ✔️Smoky Quartz- Grounds and protects✔️Amethyst- Calms the mind✔️Lepidolite- Soothes and relaxes✔️Howlite- Absorbs stress and worry

 Joey Wargachuk

Capricorn - Reach Your Summit of Success.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19 Chakra: Root Planet: Saturn Constellation: The Goat Mountain Crystals: Azurite, Garnet, Peridot Element: Earth Key words: Ambition, bravery, discipline, grounding, loyalty, responsibility Birth Stone: Garnet, Onyx This ambitions earth sign represents the mastery of the physical world, and is...

 Joey Wargachuk