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Revitalize & Energize Facial Grid Set

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Use these grids to add an energy component to your skin care regimen! We can hold a lot of stress and tension in our faces – these kits work on various levels to help release, relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate in several energetic combinations.

Each Revitalize & Energize Facial Grid set includes Orange Calcite (x2), Carnelian (x2), Clear Quartz and Rose Qu40artz

Orange Calcite links emotions, body, mind and spirit; Brings joy and helps to process emotions

Clear Quartz helps to clear, balance and energize the chakras and the aura and to amplify other crystals

Rose Quartz helps to bring self love and universal love and create a peaceful confidence

Carnelian provides courage, general physical strength and stamina

Each stone is approximately up to 1-1.5" and every one is unique and varies in shape and size, and the sizing of the stones are a close approximation.

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