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Green Aventurine contributes to the heart's well-being and helps to bring good luck and new opportunities by opening the heart to receiving and accepting love.

Type:  Microcrystalline form of quartz, the green color comes from the inclusion of chrome-bearing fuchsite.  

Structure: Hexagonal; Seeker Crystal. They help you find that which you desire yet lack.

Use in Crystal Grids: can be used as center focus generator or supporting intention stones

Colour: Light to Dark Green. 

Chakra: Heart; center of love/forgiveness and acceptance

Zodiac: the planet Venus along with Virgo and Taurus 

Crystal pairing:   Pairs well with citrine and pyrite for prosperity, and with rose quartz for love. 

Essential oil pairing: rosewood & wintergreen 

Animal Totems: Connects to Dogs, Frogs & Humming Birds 

Availability: Common. 

Where is it Found: Chile, Spain and Russia  

How to Use:   Keep in your pocket or purse.  Wear as a necklace, especially on a long chain to be near your heart. Wear as a bracelet 


Using the Crystal

Practical: the luckiest Crystal! Brings good fortune and opportunities  

Emotional: Helps with replacing depression and anxiety with well being and hope.  

Physical Benefits: Helps with heart issues associated with rhythm.  

Magical: known as fairy treasure, keep this stone in your home to welcome good fairy’s. 

Divination: Speculate (high risk investment that require great luck) to accumulate riches

Workplace: a Money-attractor crystal place in your cash box or on your business cards to help attract the cash you desire.  

Home: Plant healing Stone ( place in soil or in top of pot of plants to being healing to your favorite green friend).

Empowerment/Affirmation: “I attract Good Fortune into my Life”  

Question to ask oneself:  How can you get more out of life? 

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Green Aventurine

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